Family Information

We are so happy to welcome you into our family here at Progressive Steps.

It is our goal to help your child achieve his or her fullest potential.

With the help of our staff, we feel confident that this will Happen.

All services are individualized and are provided in a manner that reflects each child’s specific needs.

All services provided will be done in accordance with your Child’s IFSP goals.

Each therapist is required to follow agency and state guidelines regarding procedural safeguard policies.  As a result, we are asking each family to cancel twenty-four hours in advance if your child or another family member is ill so that the therapist or other children he/she sees is not at risk.

All records and information on each child will be kept Confidential.

We look forward to working closely with you as we begin servicing your child and family.

Please don’t hesitate to call for any reason. You may reach us at (201) 525-6199 or you may contact your Service Coordinator.

Thank you,

Progressive Steps

Your Family Rights Pertaining To Early Intervention Services

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO give voluntary, informed written permission for services that will be provided.

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO refuse or withdraw consent for specific services without putting other services at risk.

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO have services provided consistent with the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO have written prior notice before services are changed.

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO request mediation, an impartial hearing or a system complaint investigation if you disagree with the early intervention services being provided.

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO continue to receive services during mediation or impartial hearing proceedings unless both sides agree not to continue services.  You also have the option to receive other agreed upon services or withdraw your child and family from early intervention services at any time.  These are called pendency placements rights.

Important Numbers

  • Office of Procedural Safeguards


  • Regional Early Intervention Collaborative

    Helping Hands – 973-256-8484

  • Regional Early Intervention Collaborative

    Family Link – 908-964-5303

  • Bergen County Special Child Health Services


  • Essex County Special Child Health Services


  • Hudson County Special Child Health Services


  • Morris County Special Child Health Services


  • Passaic County Special Child Health Services


  • Sussex County Special Child Health Services


  • Union County Special Child Health Services


  • Covansys


  • Division of Developmental Disabilities